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How I Got Started

I remember like it was yesterday, when I got the phone call that I received the job I had been wanting so badly. Going from working in the jewelry department at a retail store to this new banking job was what I needed at the time. I was a single parent of a school age daughter and I wanted to have my nights, weekends and holidays off.


Fast forward a few years, I began to get restless with my job and tried on numerous occasions to apply for a higher position in the company. At the time, I thought a better position in the company would make me happier and content with my life. That was not so! I immediately began to pay attention to the customers I would wait on everyday which gave me a deeper level of insight to customer experience.


The entrepreneurs and business owners stood out to me the most. Why? Because they had the freedom of time to spend with their families without the hassle or worry of conventional “time off” limitations. They did not appear to have concerns about when to take a vacation or handle other pressing personal matters. From my perspective, they had control of their time and lives which sparked something in me. It prompted me to think, that I too, could have control of my time and life through entrepreneurship.

At that time, I HAD NO CLUE how to start my own business so I started to research the topic. Over time, I learned how to build my own website (because I could not afford to hire a web designer), and opened up my own online sports memorabilia dropshipping store which was a flop. I had no knowledge of how to choose a niche market, my business, or ANY OF THE BASICS NEEDED to build a strong foundation for success. I was sad, disappointed and decided to focus more on my “ job”. Eventually, I did get the promotion I wanted and thought that would make me happy but it didn’t. Less than 12 months later, I put in my two weeks notice and decided to pursue something new. I had no plan or business, and was unhappy about leaving a company and job that I had worked for 8.5 years.

I Tapped Into My God Given Abilities

I started my own web design company that turned into a consultation business. I quickly found out that building websites is not “just building websites”. I became invested in my client’s goals for their business, took the time to understand who they served and how their website would HELP with converting potential customers into buyers.

So here I am today, a business coach for service based entrepreneurs. What does that mean? I help service based  entrepreneurs increase their income and impact by teaching them how to build their business on the right foundation through the business systems and processes that every business needs to operate effectively. I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs “think outside of the box” by challenging them to be better than they were the day before and constantly reminding them that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

Don't Wait Any Longer!

Leave behind the days of running around  trying to do everything yourself in your business. Stop the cycle of having a million things to do, only to get to the end of the day and nothing is complete. If your business is need of organization and you want 

work on growing your business, chat with me! 

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